ERP Integration

Vend Point of Sale


In this video I wanted to quickly show how Vend Point of Sale users can import sales data directly from their Vend stores.

You can do this from the sales dashboard by clicking on the Configure Integrations button. This simply takes you to your project settings (you could also get here by selecting Project | Settings from the menu).

On the config tab you can see an ERP Integration section and within that a Channel field, which, by default, will be set to none. We’ll set this to Vend, enter the name of our store (which in my case is mentaldesk), enter your vend login name and password and, lastly, select the time zone of your Vend Store.

Now hit the Test buton to make sure that everything is OK… which is is, and we’re good to go - so we’ll save those settings.

Now, when we go back to the sales dashboard you can see a new Import from Vend button. Click on that - this pops up a dialog where you can enter a cut-off date. Only sales after this date will be imported. The first time do this you want to import all of your sales data, so choose a date that is some time before you started making sales in your Vend store - I’m gonna go with January 1st 2010 for my store.

Then click Import… and we’re off! Importing all your sales from Vend might take a little while so our software schedules this to be run as a background job. You can monitor the progress of the Vend import job from the Jobs dashboard or go make some coffee or phone calls or whatever. You’ll receive an email notification when the job is done.

Once the Vend Import completes, you’ll have some nice looking visuals on your sales dashboard. More importantly, however, you’re ready to prepare your first forecast - which is what we’ll do in the next video!