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world class forecasting

Forecasting Tournaments

SkuBrain runs over 30 world class algorithms in a tournament, to see which model best predicts sales trends for your data and then automatically selects the best algorithm for each of your forecasts.

Trend Detection

Our algorithms automatically detect seasonal patterns (e.g. if you usually sell more in December than in November) and whether trends exist for each of your products (e.g. a YOY logarithmic increase in sales).

Hierarchical forecasting

Maybe you want to forecast by Region then Country. With SkuBrain you can, and our application takes care of all the heavy lifting to make sure that forecasts are reconciled across all levels of your forecasting hierarchy.

Universal importing

Easily import data from anywhere using plain old CSV files. If you can get at your data then you can run forecasts against it.

Manual adjustments

You’re the boss… Algorithms are great but they’re no substitute for a business expert. If you know that a product is going to be discontinued or that you’re planning a certain promotion then you can easily modify SkuBrain’s baseline forecasts by product, brand, region etc.

Ecommerce integration

Automatically sync data from your ecommerce platform and see real time reports on your performance vs. forecasts.


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