SkuBrain 101

Importing Data from SQL Azure

Instead of extracting your sales history into a CSV file and uploading that to SkuBrain, you can also directly import your Sales data from an SQL database hosted in Microsoft Azure. This can be especially useful if you have an Order Management Solution or ERP that SkuBrain does not support, but which can easily export its sales data to SQL Azure.

For example, Zapier provides integration options for many systems to using its SQL Zap.

How to Connect to SQL Azure

Select the Microsoft SQL Azure option when importing your sales data.


Provide the following settings:

Azure SQL Server Connection String
You can get this from the Azure management portal. Example:,1433;Database=SALES;User ID=testuser@skubraintest;Password=[SOMETHING SNEAKY];Encrypt=True;TrustServerCertificate=False;Connection Timeout=30;

Sales Order Table Name
This is the table or view that contains the sales history. It must have at least the following fields:

Column Name Example Data Type Description
OrderReference AZ-2354 nvarchar|varchar (default 1) The reference number of the order that the sale relates to. This information will allow us to establish patterns for items that are commonly sold together (which can be used for assortment planning).
LineReference 323676-1 nvarchar|varchar (default 1) The Line Reference should uniquely identify an order item. This is required to prevent duplicate order data from being imported. If you upload two sales with the same line reference, the first sale will be overwritten by the second.
OrderDate 2012-10-24 datetime The data of the order in YYYY-MM-DD format, where YYYY is the four digit year, MM is the month and DD is the day of the month. So our example date corresponds to the 24th of October 2012.
SKU CH-0234 nvarchar|varchar The Stock Keeping Unit - a Unique identifier for the product that was sold. Probably you’ll have unique identifiers for the products you sell in your accounting or inventory management system.
Quantity 5 int32 The number of items that were sold. This must be a positive whole number.
UnitPrice 10.99 double (default 2) The price that each individual unit was sold for. This column should contain decimal value (don’t include any currency signs or currency codes).

Default 1: please set the default value of this column to NEWID() Default 2: please set the default value of this column to 1.0

Use Imported Column
Check this if your table contains an optional Int32 column named “Imported”. SkuBrain will import only data with a value of 0 in the Imported column. The default value is 0 (import all records). After SkuBrain reads the row, the value of the Imported Column will be updated to 1. To use this feature, you must also write permission to the database user that SkuBrain uses to connect to your Azure SQL instance.

Test Connection

Once you have provide the correct settings, click on the test button to check it. You should see the following:

Finally, click on Save Settings to save your settings.

To begin the import, go to the Sales Screen and hit

You can either choose to import data from a certain date, or everything.

That’s it!