SkuBrain 101


SkuBrain needs access to your sales history in order to generate forecasts and it needs to know about the products that you sell and current stock levels in order to make replenishment recommendations. Whilst it’s possible to provide this information to skuBrain in the form of CSV files, it will be much easier to use skuBrain if it fetches these details directly from your order management system.

Currently skuBrain integrates with the following platforms:

  • Brightpearl – Orders, inventory, accounting, customer data and reporting together in one place.
  • Shopify – Use Shopify to sell your products. Everywhere.
  • Vend – Point-of-sale, inventory and customer loyalty software for iPad, Mac & PC.

Each platform has it’s own special character and skuBrain can do things on some systems that it can’t do on others. The following table summarizes the functionality supported by each integration:

Integration Import sales data Fetch stock on hand Create purchase orders

SQL Azure

SkuBrain can also import your sales history from an SQL database in Microsoft Azure. This will be useful if you have an Order Management System or ERP solution which SkuBrain does not support, but which can easily export its sales data to SQL Azure. One way you could do that is with Zapier SQL integration. For more information, click here.