SkuBrain 101

What does it do?

skuBrain is a purpose built inventory optimization tool that helps you prepare demand forecasts for the products you sell and then use those forecasts to make inventory replenishment decisions.

If you’re using skuBrain with a third party order management system such as Brightpearl, Shopify or Vend then skuBrain will automatically fetch sales history for the products that you sell from your order management platform.

The software then aggregates that sales data and applies various statistical algorithms to automatically prepare demand forecasts. If you want, you can also [optionally] manually adjust these automated forecasts, to incorporate any information that isn’t available to the algorithms (e.g. you’ll be discontinuing products A, B and C).

Once you’re happy with your demand forecasts, skuBrain can automatically calculation what stock you need to reorder, taking into account current stock levels, lead times and various other factors.

Finally, skuBrain let’s you either download the resulting replenishment recommendations (as a CSV file) or push these up directly to your order management system (either as purchase orders or as minimum/reorder quantities).