SkuBrain 101

Units of Measure

SkuBrain has the built in ability to toggle between three views:

  • Sales Value (Quantity X UnitPrice)
  • Sales Quantity
  • Sales Quantity in Converted Units

The Sales Quantity in Converted Units relies on an optional field, UnitOfMeasure, in your input data. For example, suppose one barrel of wine is 60 gallons, or 25 cases, and all your SKU’s are in eaches.

To convert between eaches and barrels:

  • A “case” SKU would have a conversion of 1/25 = 0.04 Barrel
  • A “gallon” SKU would be of 1/60 = 0.0167 Barrel

Specify the UnitOfMeasure for these SKU’s as follows (this conversion factor is usually directly available in your ERP):

SKU Quantity UnitPrice UnitOfMeasure OrderDate
Thorny Vine Merlot-Case 200.0 1.0 0.04 2016-04-01
Black Label Pinot - Gallon 300.0 1.0 0.0167 2016-04-02

When you upload your data, SkuBrain uses calculates UnitOfMeasure x Quantity – this turns your eaches into barrels. Now, you simply have to toggle the Converted Quantity view to see forecasts in Barrels.