SkuBrain 101

Importing your sales data

skuBrain helps you forecast future demand by analyzing your sales history. To do that, it needs some sales history!

There are two ways to provide skuBrain with this data:

  1. Connect skuBrain directly to your OMS
  2. You can upload your sales data to SkuBrain in CSV file format

Connecting to your order management system

If an integration is available for your OMS then, by far, the easiest will be to connect skuBrain to this so that it can fetch sales data and product information directly.

Information about the third party platforms that skuBrain integrates with, how to connect to these and how each integration works can be found in the Integrations section of the documentation.

Uploading CSV files

If you’re using a proprietary OMS or an integration for the platform that you’re using doesn’t yet exist, you can still upload your sales data to skuBrain in CSV format. Check out the following lesson.

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In this video I’ll demonstrate how you can import your sales data from a CSV file   more…