Using Zapier to Connect Your E-Commerce System to SkuBrain

At SkuBrain we’ve built integrations to the Order Management Systems (OMS) which are popular with our client base – these include Vend, Shopify and Brightpearl. With the integrations, users of these platforms can easily import their sales history into SkuBrain without resorting to data extraction and upload using CSV files. However, what if you’re using a platform but we haven’t added support for it? No worries – Zapier probably has.

You can think of Zapier as an online ’glue’ that helps you mash your cloud apps so that they work better together. Below, we outline how you can use Zapier* to connect BigCommerce, a popular e-commerce platform, to SkuBrain. The concepts described here are not limited to BigCommerce – Zapier supports over 500 different connectors to systems such as Xero, Magento, Unleashed, and many more.

Setting up a Zap (basically, a blueprint for a task you want to do repeatedly) will take less than half an hour, and will save you many hours or even days of work in the future.

The overall concept is simple – push your data from BigCommerce into the SkuBrain staging area via Zapier.

Get your own dedicated staging area

Assuming you’ve already got a SkuBrain project, the first step is to get your own dedicated staging area by contacting us at

The SkuBrain staging area is hosted in the Microsoft Azure SQL platform, and you’ll get connection details, like this:

We’ve provisioned a SkuBrain staging area for you:
Database: halosource01
Username: bigcommerce01
Password: **********
Your Table Identifier (GUID): zapier-231
Sales Table: [zapier-231].[Sales]
Stock Table: [zapier-231].[Stock]
Connection String:,1433;Database=halosource01;
User ID=bigcommerce01@skubrainsql;Password=**********;Encrypt=True;
TrustServerCertificate=False;Connection Timeout=30;

Create a zap

The next thing to do is to sign up to Zapier (if you haven’t already) and create a zap that pushes your BigCommerce data into Azure SQL:

In the zap above, Step 1 is a trigger that responds to a new order being created in BigCommerce. When this happens, Step 2 inserts a record in the SkuBrain staging area:

Set up SkuBrain to import from Azure SQL

The last step is to connect your SkuBrain account to the staging area where your BigCommerce orders are flowing. You can do this by using the Azure SQL connector in SkuBrain.

That’s it – instant connectivity to your Order Management System without the hassle of CSV. Once your zap is activated, it runs every five minutes, so your BigCommerce orders will be flowing into SkuBrain by themselves – you can just relax and put it out of your mind.

Whenever you need to create a replenishment plan, simply log in to SkuBrain and use the “Import from Azure” feature to refresh data in your SkuBrain project and forecast your way to retail domination!

If you’d like to set this up but need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to – we’d love to help.

SkuBrain is free to use for 7 days. Sign up here and start forecasting!

*SkuBrain is not affiliated to Zapier. Use of Zapier will incur additional charges.