Five Ways to Improve Your Forecasting Today

While SkuBrain may have started in the retail space, it has quickly gained popularity in beverage manufacturing and distribution forecasting. Beverage suppliers and distributors are using SkuBrain to help them apply the five Koan of beverage forecasting:

  1. Simplify your models – trade a little predictive power for a better long-term view of your business (and have an easier time explaining your forecasts to management)
  2. More data is not always the best idea – use categories wisely and you’ll understand your data better
  3. Forecasting is not Time Series Analysis - Forecasting is what you do with time series analysis to make the best decisions
  4. ‘Forecastability’, not accuracy – your accuracy is only as good as the predictability in your data. Remember, forecasts are just a decision support tool.
  5. The machine can’t do all the work – SkuBrain is very good at forecasting, but add your judgement and you’ll have a winner

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