Automatic Purchase Orders in Brightpearl

Great news for Brightpearl customers… with one click, you can now create purchase orders in Brightpearl from replenishment recommendations in SkuBrain’s Stock Plan reports!

Create Brightpearl purchase orders

Additionally, to make this possible, generating stock plans (a.k.a. replenishment reports) for Brightpearl is now a two-step process:

  • Step 1 – Configure the suppliers you want to use
  • Step 2 – Configure lead times for each of your suppliers

Configuring suppliers

Now when Brightpearl customers click on the New Plan button on the replenishment dashboard, the first thing you’ll see is a page that let’s you configure which suppliers to use.

Configure Brightpearl suppliers

You can configure different suppliers for each different warehouse that you manage and also for each different Brand that you sell.

This configuration is obviously saved, so you’ll generally only need to do this the first time you create a replenishment plan, although you may want to tweak it from time to time if you change the suppliers you’re using or find new suppliers.

Heads up! SkuBrain will fetch your supplier list from Brightpearl at the same time that it imports your sales history… so if you already have a SkuBrain project hooked up to Brightpearl, you’ll need to re-import your sales history before you can use the new Stock Plans.

Configuring lead times

Once you’re happy with the supplier map just click Next. This takes you to a page that resembles what you would have seen previously… only now you can configure lead times per supplier instead of per brand. This means that you can more accurately model your lead times if you use different suppliers for different warehouses.

Configure supplier lead times

When you’re done, as before, simply click on the Create Plan button and then let SkuBrain do it’s thing.

New Replenishment Reports

If you haven’t already heard, SkuBrain also has some improved stock plans – check out yesterday’s blog post for details!