Inventory Planning Beta for Brightpearl

SkuBrain now has a Brightpearl integration. This means that Brightpearl users can configure SkuBrain to fetch sales history and stock availability data directly from their Brightpearl ERP system.

To hook SkuBrain up to Brightpearl, simply enter the details of your Brightpearl account in the ERP integration settings for your SkuBrain project.

Brightpearl ERP integration settings

There’s a “Test” button on that page so you can double check everything works.

Having done that, an “Import from Brightpearl” button will then be available from the sales dashboard, so that you can import Brightpearl sales history for use in demand forecasts.

Import from Brightpearl button

And when you create stock plans (a.k.a. inventory optimization reports), SkuBrain will pull stock levels and availability down directly from Brightpearl. The only thing you need to provide is lead times for the products that you sell (which are used when calculating how much inventory you need to purchase in order to avoid a stock out).

Brand lead times

In Brightpearl, products can potentially be obtained from multiple suppliers, so rather than specifying the lead time per supplier you specify the lead time per “Brand”.

On the radar

The Brightpearl integration is shiny new and there are still a couple of things left to do.

In particular, at the moment the only way to use stock plans is to export these to CSV files. These CSV files contain reorder levels and quantities for each SKU or SKU/warehouse combination (if your forecast hierarchy includes the Outlet attribute), which could be imported back into Brightpearl using a data import map… however that all sounds like a lot of work, so the plan is to build a “Push to Brightpearl” button on the Stock Plan that would let you push reorder levels and quantities from the stock plan directly back up to Brightpearl without having to fluff around with CSV files.

Additionally, Brightpearl supports webhooks which we’ll use to import new sales orders from Brightpearl, so that you can see how sales are tracking against your forecasts in real time!