Inventory Optimization for Shopify

Shopify users can now add SkuBrain as an App to their Shopify store, so that SkuBrain can import sales history directly from Shopify (for use in demand forecasts) and stock availability gets imported directly from Shopify when generating inventory optimizaion reports (a.k.a. stock plans).

As the Shopify integration is shiny new, we’ll keep it in beta for a while… so it won’t be available in the Shopify App store. However you can simply enter the name of your Shopify store in the ERP integration settings for your forecasting project.

Shopify ERP integration settings

When you save the settings, SkuBrain will redirect you to Shopify’s app store so that you can authorize the application to access your Shop’s data. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see an “Import from Shopify” button on your sales dashboard in SkuBrain.

Import from Shopify button

When running inventory optimization reports, SkuBrain will automatically pull stock levels etc. in from Shopify. The only thing that you will need to provide when generating a stock plan is lead times for your product suppliers (which are used when calculating how much inventory you need to purchase in order to avoid a stock out).

Supplier lead times

Shopify doesn’t have much in the way of inventory management features built in, and has no notion of “minimum inventory levels” or anything. However SkuBrain’s stock plans can be downloaded as CSV files (and opened in Excel or Google Sheets or whatever) so generating purchase orders directly from SkuBrain should be a cinch!