Importing Sales History From Vend

If you’re using Vend for Point of Sale or order management then getting started with SkuBrain just got heaps easier. You can now import sales history directly from Vend, without having to fiddle around with CSV files.

Hooking SkuBrain up to Vend is super simple.

Step 1

In the drop down menu next to your avatar in the top right, select Settings:

Settings menu

Step 2

In the ERP Integration section set the Channel to Vend:

Vend channel

Step 3

Plug in the settings for your Vend account and save these:

Vend settings

Note that you’ll need to specify the time zone that is configured for your Vend store here as well, since Vend stores all it’s data in UTC time format (but you’ll no doubt want to use the date that the sale was made in the time zone of your Vend store, and that might not be in Greenwich!).

Step 4

You can now import your data from Vend. If you head on over to the Sales dashboard, you’ll now see a new Import from Vend button at the top right of the dashboard:

Sales dashboard

Clicking on this will pop up the Import from Vend dialogue:

Vend import

Here you can specify how far back you want SkuBrain to import sales history from Vend. This will default to the last date when you imported sales data from Vend (if you’ve run this task before).

Finally, click on the Import button. This takes you to the Jobs dashboard where you’ll see the Vend import task has been queued as a Job.

sales import job

One of our job agents should pick this up and start working on it within around 30 seconds.

Shipping Products

One oddity of the Vend system (although Vend is not alone in this resepct) is that Freight and Shipping costs get recorded as additional line items in orders. SkuBrain has no way to distinguish between genuine products and these virtual shipping products, so your sales history in SkuBrain will include amounts for freight and shipping and forecasts will be included for these products as well.

For the time being, you can just ignore these products in your forecasts. In the not too distant future, however, we’ll add a feature to SkuBrain that will let you more handle this situation by configuring a list of SKUs to ignore/exclude when importing data. So fear not, a more elegant solution is on its way!

If you screw up

There aren’t really too many things that can go wrong. About the only obvious mistake that I can think of would be if you configured the wrong time zone for your Vend store in the ERP Integration settings, in which case sales might be imported on the wrong date.

If this does happen, don’t stress. You can simply change the time zone and run the Vend import again. SkuBrain will just overwrite the first set of orders that it imported with the new ones (using the correct dates this time round).