SkuBrain Forecasting Available for Early Testing

An early release of our SkuBrain forecasting tool is now available for testing. This initial release is very basic and allows you to:

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Create forecasting projects
  3. Import sales data from CSV files
  4. Generate heirarchical forecasts from the imported/historical sales data

Primarily, this release is targetted at very early testers (invite only at present) and partners who’s platforms we plan to provide integrations for. That said, I figured I’d provide a few teaser screenshots to give folks a feel for what is being built here.

So what’s next?

There is obviously still quite a bit missing, before going live:

  • Manual forecasts or forecast editing
  • Export functionality (that would let you make use of the generated forecasts)
  • Integrations with any ecommerce or ERP platforms
  • Any collaboration features
  • A whole host of other stuff we have plans to build

These are all things I’m hard at work building presently, so please stay tuned as there is more to come!